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We do hear of Singapore referred to as ‘Little Red Dot’. It is an island city-state, situated in Southeast Asia, with a land area of approximately 733 square kilometres, housing 5.45 million people (Singapore Department of Statistics, 2021).

The red lady icon of this site (wearing spectacles) is the site’s founder, mum Cindy, who is born in Singapore, hence the alias ‘Red Dot Mum’. (Fun fact: The orchid in her hair is Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim).

The website was known as ‘moneysavinglittlereddotmum.com’ at the beginning. Then, it became ‘littlereddotmum.com’. After receiving feedback that it was easier to search for a recipe on the website with a shorter name, it became known as ‘reddotmum.com’.

Many of the blog articles have been written and adapted for the Singapore context.


The generativity blog features articles for family carers that economises on time, money and space. The recipes are adapted to the local context (Eg. some ingredients are substituted as they cannot be found locally). They are also based on the cooking staples and equipment available in the author’s kitchen. Experiences related to parenting and child development have been categorised into life stages, as they follow the developmental stages of the author evolving through her lifespan. It is noted that many of the tips narrated in the articles are based on the author’s ‘hands-on’ parenting style as for most of the growing up years in early childhood and adolescence, the family did not have a live-in helper.


Cindy owns RDM Consultancy, which offers bespoke professional counselling and coaching services. Its educational programmes also consist of a therapeutic personal expressive writing circle, to enhance writing for a sense of self and in achieving a narrative identity. This programme was organised to promote psychological well-being and aging, from an earlier developmental stage.


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