Don’t be afraid to admonish with kindness and empathy

Can a younger do that to an older person in an Asian context?

Can an elder do that to a younger in an Asian context?

Relationships are not borne overnight.

They are slowly nurtured.

Like building a good soup.

It takes time to build a nutritious flavourful soup.

One puts the essential ingredients in

but ultimately it still needs time to bring out its flavours

Putting a stock cube in does expedite the process,

but this misses out the nurturing of the processes

Building a relationship has no shortcuts.

When you cook the soup and you love this soup, you need to tend to it, take aside time to observe it so that you know just what is needed to do to adjust in this process of attending.

And like any process, if you’ve been attentive, if it is too salty, you can put in a bread or a potato to make it less salty; if you don’t have these, simply add water to make it edible, apologise to the recipients of care, and move on.

There is love,

and one can continue to make soup.


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