Consequences are needed

which means one has to step out of one’s comfort zone

which means taking a risk

of the unknown

how am I going to deal with the consequences of my new risk


doors slam

raised voices


a smile perhaps

a (favourite) drink

tones are measured

but there feels a need to push through an idea

Why ?

I am raising a human being

I won’t be here forever

x will be out by oneself

how will they fend on their own

deep breath


a ‘don’t talk to me about that matter’ expression lingers

do you think there is a better way of going about this


how do your friends deal with it

some inner workings start its gears in action

taking risks is hard

but it’s a start

I know I am pursuing a good value of cultivating safety skills

I am working in that direction


(breathe again)

I maintain my productivity routine

energy up

optimism is up


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