I tell you a story.

My children ‘clutter’ a lot.

When they were growing up, I used to ‘declutter’ a lot for them.

But what happens when they are in their twenties; you can’t do that anymore, full-grown adults (??)

So I keep figuring out why it is there are ‘stuff’ poking out, falling on you, when cupboard doors open. Honestly, the whole scene is perplexing and (now) fascinating.

What so I do? A parent cries and wrings her hands.

Let it be…monitor this…let’s see where we are going with this..

The truth is, I’ve learnt not to (ok..more truthfully) I’ve learnt to speak less and observe more (before I speak..haha!)

And I’ve noticed oftentimes (more often than not), the mess recedes …

Is it really ‘clutter’?

What if you were trying to ‘discover’ yourself?

It’s quite disrespecting really!

You gotta respect mess.

Maybe it ain’t as messed up as one thinks.

#becoming #isitclutter #boundaries #familialrelations