Recently I had to conjure a programme on home well-being and I revived Marie Kondo’s ‘spark joy’ movement and applied it in my daily lifestyle.

In more ways than one, Marie Kondo’s ‘sparking joy’ is very similar to mindfulness practice because it makes me pay attention to the present moment – pause and take stock – breathe – then carry out what is needed.

I probably began to apply this in my daily routine because it would enhance productivity.

I learnt from her book she would first list the things that need to be done for the day.

Then, she would think of one thing that would spark joy for her and include this too in her day’s routine.

Marie Kondo’s is sipping a cup of tea and relishing in its ‘spark joy’ moments1. Mine, inevitably, includes movements in the early morning or a nourishing breakfast!

Incidentally, planning my day in such a way reminds me to pay attention to what my spirit or soul needs.

It also gives me peace of mind I have included, or prioritised ‘me’, from the very beginning, which would undoubtedly make for a more ‘productive’ work day.

As always, doing something, recurringly, will eventually become a habit.

This is a soulful habit ~ for keeps!


Kondo, Marie (2020). Joy at Work: Organising Your Professional Life. Publisher: Little, Brown and Company.