• Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Coach / Instructor (English Language) to Children and Young Adults (Neurodivergent Learning Characteristics)
  • Therapeutic Life Story Writing Instructor and Facilitator( Multigenerational Circle) incorporating Guided Autobiographical Writing skills and other evidence-based psychological writing approaches

Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy

Cindy is a Mental Health Counsellor. Her psychological approaches include Compassion-Focused, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Family Systems informed. Her focus in treatment is Stress Management, Childhood Reparation and Trauma and Executive Life Skills Functioning. Her clinical treatment experience is with young working professionals in their 20s and 30s as well as young parents.

English Language Coach/Instructor

Cindy has coached/taught English to children and teenagers and engaged with their caregivers coming close to thirty years. She works with children and youths with neurodivergent learning characteristics, to prepare them for the English national exams, improve their executive life functioning skills and imbibe them with self-confidence, from an earlier developmental stage.

Personal Expressive Writing Instructor/Facilitator

Cindy is a Personal Expressive Writing Instructor and Facilitator. She organised a therapeutic writing programme and began a group circle so that Participants can begin logging in their life experiences and nurture an Integrative identity, with a supportive group from an earlier developmental stage. This is an online programme and is suitable for those embarking on a life journey to discover and make peace with a self -identity; the support of dedicated members on the same mission is helpful. The programme is also beneficial to inculcate wellbeing, in aging, from an earlier stage. It is facilitated and mentored by a qualified and empathetic mental health practitioner. Individuals or Couples and family members of different generational cohorts are most welcome to join. The multigenerational circle facilitates bonding and the personal expressive writing programme incorporates guided autobiographical (GAB) approach and life themes by James Birren and other evidence-based psychological theories.

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