Background to article – There are many Life Themes in Guided Autobiography (Gab). Often times, a specific memory or incident emerges, as a response to what someone in the reading group says, or in one’s memory a fleeting ‘sound’ or image pops up, and as a ‘Gabber’, you simply grab that thought and write your (life) story. This short piece I wrote in response to ‘Life’s Work’ (Anticipation ahead – this article is highly ranting!) I dedicate this to my Global Gabbers group whom I have joined hands with in previous months to re-gather, re-collect, re-organise parts of our ‘growing – up’ stories, to life review, so that we may integrate with the present, and soldier  forward with gusto, pomp and a rejuvenated purpose (or a life mission!)Let us just keep gab-bing!

Life’s Work

As I run about doing chores as such like planning today’s meal I am thinking I am so good at this I am almost unbeatable.

I mean who can devour a 50 -page recipe book in an hour the night before, rummage through the fridge and other hidden forgotten parts of the kitchen, calculate per pax cost of a meal to decide if this meal is even worth preparing (or it is cheaper dining out) , trot to the nearest supermarket…..

but wait, before that, head for the local coffee shop to buy brekkie because Dad is leaving early for work (and meals are highly sodden with oil, fat, salt and sugar and is unconducive to heart health if he buys his meals in his office vicinity),

AND, then,  head for the supermarket with three clanking tingkat carrier containers filled proudly with vegetarian beehoon (hawker thanked me with a wide smile – tough times!)

And as I am not done, like a battle with time and a challenge of one’s skills continually being tried and tested, it is still morning by the way (we are talking before the clock chimes 10am), I buzz into the cool morning aircon of the local market and for a moment suffer amnesia: ‘What was I  supposed to buy’ – I feel under siege with imposter house-wife syndrome (I get that a lot nowadays with the mixing of other life roles.) But, hey! I regain my composure and good spirits, because the plump strawberries on sale caught my eye (hur hur). the dutiful housekeeper role in me prevails, I quickly navigate past it because a crisp sound of a  ‘stay focused, stay focused’ voice keeps calling out to me and I (of course) comply, mechanically, as after all, it’s become a way of operating for an ongoing 20 plus years.

I make a beeline for the winter melon, chives, shiitake mushrooms and chicken to put forth a new dish (proud me), with NO salt or soy sauce, ONLY immersing the soup with NATURAL flavours..I breathe slightly for a  moment..

And yes! That is only the mental prep and physical outing for the buying of ONE meal, and further ingredients about to cook another meal , all that done ✅ with the intention of staying within budget.

An imposter house-wife’s life you think? Hmm .. rhetorical question, no need to answer!

And this life role, we do this ALMOST every day, ‘rojak-ed’ (‘rojak’ in Malay means ‘mixed’) with variable roles, evolving through time and age (literally), depending on time circumstances and unenviable contexts like a pandemic.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride (it still IS – every. day. )

And a winsome ride continues *deep breath again*

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