RDM (Red Dot Mum) Consultancy Singapore is the clinical and educational services arm of Red Dot Mum.

Ms. Cindy Soo is the curator and organiser of its programmes and services.

Company’s Logo

The company logo is founded upon a cultural legacy from the family of origin of the founder and owner of RDM.

Based on the cultural heritage name of  莹 (‘Ying’), which is the founder’s Chinese name, RDM compares their client to the bird in the logo, which shines brightly like a light in their home, exemplifying their personal success and growth story, as it sets out on its personal life story (journey).

The leaves on the tree represent the associates of RDM who lend a helping hand to our clients (the bird) as they navigate their personal life story journeys of wellbeing.


Ms. Cindy offers these services:

  • Clinical Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Coach / Instructor (English Language) to Children and Young Adults (Neurodivergent Learning Characteristics)
  • Therapeutic Life Story Writing Instructor and Facilitator( Multigenerational Circle) incorporating Guided Autobiographical Writing skills and other evidence-based psychological writing approaches

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