Dear children

When  I first wrote the post I intended to give some tips on ‘making a home’, whether you moved into your university dormitory, moving into your first new home or you decided to move into a rented premise.

Then it struck me the meaning of ‘home’ is so broad depending on which part of the life journey you were at. For example, your dad and I may be staying with you or other older persons will be visiting your home or you might be starting a family.

Therefore Mum will be giving you some ‘multi-generational’ tips, be it furnishing it for a younger child or an older person or both..

Ideas will vary between you and me but Mum’s suggestions mainly come from the home economics long-term perspective of moving into your new place – notably, one would be aiming to build a loving and healthy home in a community which will ‘grow on you’ and you will strike up friendly relations with your neighbours and members of the neighbourhood you will be staying in.

So what are Mum’s tips for a multi-generational home?

1)Wide doorways

2)No steps or kerbs (numbers 1 and 2 are for easy wheelchair access and to avoid trips and falls)

3)Non-slippery and ‘easy to care for’ flooring

4)Some see-through cupboards in case of stay-in or visiting older individuals who have dementia

5)Sturdy and stable furniture (self-explanatory)

6)Tables should have rounded corners (to protect against injurious tumbles and that includes the toddlers..)

7)Preferably bed bottoms that reach the floor without any gaps (you save time by not having to clean under the beds and uncovering ‘lost’ socks, toys and other paraphernalia including constantly having to remove dust bunnies which is a defeatist task)

And what if you are shopping on a budget?

1.Divide the home into ‘functional zones’ – living room, kitchen, bedroom/s, bathroom

2. Ask yourself ‘What do I need from each room?’

3.Prioritise the needs

4. How much $$$ you have

5.Purchase s-l-o-w-ly

Mum’s final tip in this article is: at the very least (a ‘good old fashioned’ value), know exactly how much money is available, so you can buy MORE of the things you want….establish a budget before you start planning or buying anything!

Mum will continue dishing out more tips in another letter..for now you have more than enough to digest!

Your loving mum