Takeaway Meaning:

Below is a make-believe conversation between two people. A possible takeaway after reading this is one needs to ‘clear’ space in one’s daily life, to include conversations with another who are not the same as us. By putting aside this ‘space’, we are welcoming another, and perhaps learning something about ourselves, through a daily conversation.


A: When one wants to understand younger ones, play! It helps ^^

B: You mean, like the activity they are keen in..?

A: Yea … kind of

A: (thinks for a bit) What is something you have always wanted to do when you were young but missed a chance of doing?

B: (shrugs shoulders and stares at the messages that are popping up on the social media)

A: (waits patiently before asking another question) Are you able to do it now? Or, are you doing it soon?

B: (suddenly asks)..Why can’t adults act like children?

A: Hmm…(thinking)

B: (fidgets)

A: (after a long pause) Some things are just necessary

B: Hmm … I see I see … okay, I gotta go now… (runs off to ‘play’)

A: (reflects) What about me .. what have I always wanted to do in my life but never did?

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