RDM (Red Dot Mum) Consultancy (Singapore) is the clinical and educational services arm of “Red Dot Mum”.

Ms. Cindy Soo is “Red Dot Mum”, the owner and founder of RDM Consultancy’s clinical and educational programmes.

RDM Logo

The company logo is founded upon a cultural legacy from the family of origin of Ms. Cindy.

Its logo forms the Chinese character 莹 (‘Ying’), the founder’s Chinese name. The Chinese character comes from the word 莹火虫 (‘Ying Huo Chong’) which means ‘Firefly’ in Mandarin.

Hence, a person-in-consult visiting RDM Consultancy is like a ‘Firefly’, glowing brightly, like the red bird in the logo, building a nest in the branches (signifying a person’s active contribution to others), using what it can from its immediate environment.

No one thrives alone, and the bountiful leaves are Red Dot Mum’s partners who support our clients-in-consult, as they seek to engender the best they are, on a life journey.

Growth Mission

Shine brightly like a firefly wherever you are

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