It was only after attending my second series of  Guided Autobiography class (GAB) that I realised my Chinese name had foretold quite accurately my life journey.

When my grandfather named me ‘‘家莹’ (pronounced as ‘Jia Ying’), I had no idea his wishes for me would come true.

I interpret the Chinese character of ‘莹’ (‘Ying’) to be like a ‘firefly’ that ‘shines like a light’ in a place one regards as ‘home’ and as one grows older, this can range from where we have stayed with immediate family to staying in a community home for an elderly within a larger group.

My journey with GAB started many years ago in my early forties. I was at a crossroads in my life, with my major life work (mother-ing) almost completed as my younger of two was in her adolescence. Hence, an adjustment of work-life roles was in order.

I was teaching and training in part-time work roles. I considered my life work well-balanced as I also had the time to volunteer actively in the community. Together with caregiving duties, building a home and maintaining familial relationships, my life seemed assimilated.

When I attended GAB, I was seeking to build on a more incisive life identity. I also wanted to optimise my skills and contribute positively to my community.

As I look back at my notes and responses to the different priming questions given during GAB training, I am grateful and pleased with the memories I had conjured up, due to the accepting and affirming support given by my instructor and my group mates. A GAB group is certainly not just for older participants to write a memoir (though it can most certainly be the main goal). It is also a gathering of like-minded individuals who want to write out and talk about what they have gone through and for most, this can be an extremely therapeutic, restorative and life-enhancing personal development.

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(Updated 27 December 2022)

Grandpa and me at our home garden in Serangoon Gardens Estate (Singapore), 1978

Article revised on Tuesday, 27 December 2022