How does one find meaning in one’s life existence?

A personal response to this – it unfolds.

One’s life is largely cumulative; one building block, resting upon another.

One may not be able to rush this process of, ‘What am I living for’?

Some ways that might get it going:

Review your past. Paying attention to the present.

Using information based on:

  • Journals/ diaries/ written and digital entries
  • Courses participated
  • Voluntary work
  • Destinations visited
  • Persons whom one has worked or interacted with/ are still corresponding with
  • Hobbies one has been meaning to start but have not gotten down to (interests)
  • Organisations which one has worked at or volunteered/ found an ’emotional connection’ with

Get started. Growth!

Stay in the course.

There might be a muddle.

But your experience and cumulative wisdom will tell you what to do along the way.

Seek mentors. Guidance.

Hold faith.

Contribute good.

Core values.

Just stay – on the course…