Cooking Bird’s Nest In A Crockpot

And so my teenager just feels like eating bird’s nest..exam season is on..but she doesn’t want  ‘all the drama’🙄 with it…so this blog acts as a step-by-step guide for her on how to cook the bird’s nest herself(easy instructions)

yes..she often does this..raiding the kitchen pantry for ‘stuff’ to eat or when she has the ‘feels’ for some foodstuff but I refuse to cook it because she always tells me at the last minute and I am rushing out.

Sometimes, what she asks for is hams and stuff..and I tell her ‘no’ she has to cook that herself if she wants to eat it..or when the whole family is not at home, she is all alone, there is ‘no food’ (that she likes) in the fridge and she has to fend for her own meals.


( I cooked this a couple of years ago using the same cooking style and method adapted from )
1) Soak 4 pieces of bird’s nest in water for at least half an hour (just enough to cover it) to soften it
2) After 30 mins, pour the water away and place the bird’s nest inside the double boiler
3) Boil some water in a kettle
4) Pour hot boiling water in the crockpot to fill up to three quarters of the outside of the double boiler
5) Pour hot boiling water into the double boiler itself (abt three quarters full)

6) Cover back with all the lids


7) On the crockpot to High (mine takes about 30 to 45 mins for the liquids inside it to come to a boil)
and off the crockpot 2 hours later..
8) After you off it, open the lids and put some sugar in it (I put in 2 pieces of brown sugar or jaggery sugar..rock sugar is fine too!) takes about 5 -10 mins for the sugar to dissolve)
9) After 5 mins, give the bird’s nest drink  a thorough stir (if it’s not sweet enough, just add more sugar to your liking)

See! No drama 🙂